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the yulong brand hdh series aerator

product description

product features

※   the rubber diaphragm is made from imported epdm, which makes the diaphragm anti-aging, corrosion-resisting and durable and extends its long service life.

※   the steeped seal structure can effectively prevent the diaphragm from coming off.

※   the area around the diaphragm is thickened to provide adequate compensation for extension. plus, the mentioned area can spring back freely, so the diaphragm can be protected from breaking due to stress concentration.

※   double check design, that is, holeless area at the center of the diaphragm and internal check valve, can effectively prevent the sewage from flowing into the pipeline system.

※   the unique opening-formation technology makes the bubbles released from the aerator are uniform and hence results in little resistance loss.

※   fine bubbles can improve the oxygen utilization and oxygenation capability.

※   the diaphragm has good self-cleaning performance and clogging resistance.

※   it is provided with general and standard source nipple of 3/4″ (british system). thus, it can be connected either with screw or via flexible connection, which are interchangeable flexibly.

※   such kind of aerator can stand a temperature of 150℃ at utmost and can be used in the aeration system of deep pools.

※   patent number: 200620072436.2



main uses and application scope

 hyl-series microporous aerator can be applied to the aeration oxygenation process in the treatment of different types of sewage.

its performance indexes are totally up to the provisions of cj/t3015.1-1993 and cj/t 264-2007.

condition of using environmentcan work in the environment air temperature 90 ~ 100 ℃
ambient temperature of external climate-30.0~45.0℃
medium temperature4~50℃
ph value4~9
maximum immersion depth10.0m
work system24h/day continuous or intermittent work

learn more technical information, please see the manual

working principle
performance parameters