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yl series tube aerator

product description

product introduction

ylg-series tubular rubber diaphragm aerator is a product developed by our company. we have made profound study on various aspects of the aerator, including its operating principle, structure, air distribution method, diaphragm material performance, etc. on that base, we have developed the ylg-series tubular rubber diaphragm aerator (patent no.: zl200420080338.4), whose performance can reach the level of its international counterpart. this series aerator can be mainly used for the oxygenation of sewage treatment system. it is featured by simple structure, high usage of oxygen, reliable performance, no-blocking of pores, no-flowing backward of sewage, uniformity of stress, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

product structure

ylg-series tubular rubber diaphragm aerator consists of rubber diaphragm pipe, support, anchor ear, adjustable support, branch aerating pipe, etc. when the air blower provides air, the forced air flows from the branch aerating pipe into the gas vent of the aerator through an air supply pipe, and then forms a ring air chamber between the aerator diaphragm pipe and the supporting framework, which makes the diaphragm pipe bulge. then gas can be released into the water through the expandable micro-pores. when the air supply stops, the diaphragm pipe draws back due to the elasticity of the rubber and the micro-pores gradually closes to prevent the water from flowing back to the air drain.



product features

※   the rubber diaphragm pipe is made from imported ethylene-propylene diene copolymer (epdm) or silicon rubber, which makes the diaphragm anti-aging, corrosion-resisting and long service life, as long as 5 to 8 years.

 ※   the aerating hole is uniquely formed, leading to good expandability and instant closing.. when aerating, fine bubbles whose diameter is 1–3 mm can be generated and the oxygenation utilization can be as high 35 – 42%.

※   the support adopts the hollow form, which reduces the buoyancy of the aerating pipe in the water of the and prevents the pipeline from floating.

※   the gas vent is used to distribute the gas in a quick and even way, and the aerating diaphragm stresses evenly, which can increase the service life of the rubber diaphragm pipe and the uniformity of released bubbles and improve the aerating effect. the gas vent is narrow and the rubber diaphragm pipe area on it has no aerating holes. when air supply stops, the rubber diaphragm is tightly attached to the gas vent so as to prevent the sewage from flowing back.

※   flexible connection type is used to reduce the vibration of aerating and improve the reliability of sealing (patent no.: zl200420025959.2).

※   high oxygenation efficiency, dynamic efficiency, low energy consumption and low investment.

※   convenient installation and easy maintenance.

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working principle
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