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biologically active filler

product description

     the moving bed biofilm reactor (mbbr for short) is a new and highly efficient biofilm reactor developed in recent years based on the biological contact oxidation process and activated sludge process. it is characterized by its strong load-bearing capacity, high treatment efficiency, long sludge age, small amount of excess sludge, good effect of denitrification and phosphorous removal, non-sludge bulking, etc.
    the core component of the mbbr process—the suspended filler should have the following characteristics: the large specific surface area to increase the biomass; adaptation to the biofilm growth and short film-forming period; appropriate water vapor paths favorable for film formation and stripping; the specific gravity after film formation close to water and apt to fluidization; long service life, etc.
    yulong activated biological filler (yl-i, yl-ii and yl-iii) is a new activated biological carrier, which adopts the scientific formula and integrate various microelements favorable for microorganisms’ apposition growth into high polymer materials according to the different adaptabilities of biotic populations. it is made after being modified and structured by special processes.
    its advantages: good hydrophilicity and quick film formation, large specific surface area and high biomass, appropriate specific gravity and good fluidization effect, high oxygen utilization efficiency and long service life.



application range:
    standard and quantity enhancement of sewage upgrading and reconstruction
    processes of the sewage treatment fluidized bed and biological filter
    biological treatment of reclaimed water reuse
    denitrification and phosphorous removal for river regulation
    ammonia nitrogen removal and water purification for aquaculture
    biological filler for biological deodorization towers
    applicable industries: municipal affairs, electric power, pharmacy, chemical industry, electroplating, metallurgy, medical treatment, machinery, paper making, printing and dyeing, food processing, aquaculture, etc. with the continuous improvement of products and deepening of application, yulong activated biological filler will be applied more and more extensively.

working principle

performance parameters

judgment of film-forming maturity
    visual judgment:
    the biofilm distributes on the surface of the carrier evenly; it is more compact when it is nearer to the surface of the carrier; otherwise, it is looser. meanwhile, the color of the carrier becomes dark. these mark that the film formation of the carrier enters the mature phase.
    judgment by microscopic examination:
    the biofilm’s structure is compact and the variety of microorganisms is diversified. there are many sessile ciliates, vorticella, epistylidae, etc. there is a small amount of rotifers and swimming ciliates. these mark the maturity of the biofilm.