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chengyang upgrading of sewage treatment plant demonstrationproject was

    october 26, 2012, the china association of environmental protection industry technical expert group of the chengyang sewage treatment plant level a standard upgrade project (declaration of national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project) conducted on-site field trips. chengyang a standard a sewage treatment plant upgrade project by jiangsu yulong environmental limited bear the biochemical transformation of the main project, the design of the project undertaken by the north china hospital yi, technical support is guided by the beijing university of technology, professor peng yongzhen, the construction unit of qingdao city vote dual water company limited.
    the chengyang a sewage treatment plant a standard upgrade project in two phases, a 50,000 m3 / d the ices processes exist, sbr + mbbr process were determined based on the to improve carbon source utilization, enhanced nitrification and nitrification capacity and rehabilitation programs enhanced biological phosphorus removal by suspended filler dosing biological pool, additional stirrer and reflux system, strengthen the system of pollutant removal performance, at the same time by running timing, reflux time, water-filled the combination of control and optimization of the ratio of aerobic-anoxic hydraulic retention time and other factors, combined with the do implementation of ph control means to achieve efficient nitrogen and phosphorus removal and a more significant reduction of excess sludge production purposes; two works for the traditional a2 / o technology in the depth of the nitrogen and phosphorus removal exist some problems, the use of the segmented water a / o + mbbr process to transform the original biological pool, and based on a combination of process characteristics to explore a filler accumulation of effluent quality proposed corresponding solution; develop a set of influent flow distribution ratio control strategy to protect the segmentation of the advantages of water in the actual engineering applications; research influent flow distribution ratio, sludge return ratio, the dissolved oxygen concentration as a control parameter for control strategy and denitrifying phosphorus removal to achieve and maintain sub-feed a / o process.

    started from may 2010, and the acceptance by the environmental protection department in may 2011: dealing with water, 10.0 × l04m3 / d by monitoring the average influent cod to 280mg / l tn average of 50 mg / l effluent cod less than 50 mg / l, nh4-n is less than 50 mg / l tn is less than 15 mg / l tp is less than 0.5 mg / l effluent quality reaches the national level emission standards.

    technical expert group site to listen to the environmental protection co., ltd. in jiangsu yulong engineered projects, qingdao dual city to vote on the operation of the project management, a detailed description of the of chengyang district environmental protection bureau of acceptance of the project, monitoring, fieldwork project operating conditions, the view out the water sample. the technology of the expert group on the project fully affirmed, that the development of improved sbr + mbbr and segmented water a2 / o process and process control technology, practical new sewage treatment plant and upgrading works, especially for the wastewater treatment plant upgrade the transformation has a strong role model, should be widely applied.

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