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the mud film hybrid technology - a a new technology mentioned standard to

   council meeting held in qingdao city sewage treatment plant before upgrading technology up to an a standard, academician zhang jie for the head of the consultative group of experts on the qingdao chengyang district sewage treatment plant upgrade situation and pollutants the discharge standards circumstances site council, the participating experts affirmed transformation outcomes and the technology promotion prospects in the country. this technique is especially good reference areas of northeast, north, northwest sewage treatment.
it is understood that this new technology together to complete the cast dual water company limited (the chengyang sewage treatment plant) by the beijing university of technology, jiangsu the yulon environmental co., ltd., qingdao city. in order to ensure the advanced technology and the applicability of the technical staff not only after a lot of experimental research and development and demonstration, repeated comparison test in the actual project. iceas process defects in run mode as well as the problems they identified improve carbon source utilization, and enhance the ability of nitrification and denitrification and rehabilitation programs enhanced biological phosphorus removal, biological dosage pool suspended packing additional stirring and return system, strengthen the system of pollutant removal performance by run timing, reflux time, water-filled than aerobic hypoxia combinatorial optimization of hydraulic retention time multifactorial regulation, combined with the do, the implementation in ph control means, to achieve the purpose of efficient nitrogen and phosphorus removal and a more significant reduction of excess sludge production.
   some problems for traditional a2 / o process in the depth of the nitrogen and phosphorus removal technology researchers in step feed a / o + mbbr process to transform the original biological pool, and based on a combination of process characteristics, explore filler accumulation of water quality the impact of proposed solution; develop a set of influent flow distribution ratio control strategy to protect the segmentation of the advantages of water in the actual engineering applications; research influent flow distribution ratio, sludge reflux ratio paragraphs dissolved oxygen concentration control strategy as a control parameter, and denitrification and phosphorus removal in the sub-feed a / o process to achieve and maintain.
   compared to conventional sewage treatment technology, the technology in the external carbon source, developed two kinds of low carbon and nitrogen than the the urban sewage depth of nitrogen and phosphorus removal process - modified sbr process and segmented water a2 / o nitrogen and phosphorus removal process, and the establishment of a modified sbr process and segmented the water a2 / o process real-time control system, improve the management level of the process and run effect. through the appropriate process control optimization of biochemical reactions, and also help to improve the removal efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus. meanwhile, off in improved sbr and segmented a2 / o biological pool water dosing activity suspended packing, packing high strength of this suspension, biofilm, high biological activity and biomass, can be enhanced nitrification and denitrification capacity to achieve depth nitrogen and phosphorus removal; thereby enhancing the stability of the system is running, to keep abreast of the times
   step to optimize the operation mode, to save energy.
chengyang wastewater treatment plant upgrade began in may 2010, and in may 2011 by the acceptance of the environmental protection department. upgrading of processing water, 10.0 × l04m3 / d, the average influent cod to 280mg / l tn average of 50 mg / l effluent cod less than 50 mg / l nh4-n is less than 50 mg / l, tn <15mg / l, tp less than 0.5mg / l, effluent quality reaches the national level emission standards, infrastructure cost savings of 11%, operating costs decreased by 12% compared with other urban sewage treatment plant upgrade project.

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