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wu xiaoqing, the work reported in the 2009 national environmental


just, minister of health yin from the height of the macro and strategic profound analysis of the current situation faced by the environmental monitoring work, and pointed out the direction of future monitoring, and stressed that the future positioning of the monitoring work.  the important system. monitoring environmental national for forward put proposition very ones?, three>around the direction of the future monitoring and positioning, the minister of health yin "three ones", a very important proposition put forward for the national environmental monitoring system.
china's environmental protection faces a historic shift, the monitoring system can best embody the historic transformation of a department. therefore, the environmental monitoring system to the practical realization of the historic transformation.

today, the minister of health yin standing on a higher level problem, depicts a blueprint for future environmental monitoring and goal from the top-level design level, made it very deeply. national monitoring systems must conscientiously study.  of the national conference. first held division, monitoring environmental establishment after protection ministry program sanding?>the monitoring work meeting, monitoring clear "sanding" program of the ministry of environmental protection after the establishment of the environmental monitoring division, held the first national conference. starting next year, the annual work conference of the national environmental monitoring, to combine the characteristics of monitoring, mainly reflected in real exchange to see more and more school-based monitoring work should be more reflected in the monitoring doing more real, the foundation played more firmly, more fully exchange.

i implement the speech of minister of health yin and summarize the work of last year deployment in 2009 to monitor the work of a few comments:

2008 review of environmental monitoring

in 2008, advanced environmental monitoring system for the construction of continuous improvement, monitoring work has achieved fruitful results.

- national environmental monitoring system provides hundreds of millions of monitoring data, environmental monitoring data collected at the national level of 2500 million, the environmental monitoring data strongly support environmental management and the people's right to information on the environment, the environmental monitoring work completed the task of the whole year.

- get a southern snow and ice storms, wenchuan earthquake environmental emergency monitoring, air quality monitoring in the beijing olympic games and taihu, chaohu cyanobacteria the three gorges blooms early warning monitoring all kinds of special monitoring and emergency monitoring the success of the work, shows the strength of the environmental monitoring and style, won the honor.

- ministry of environmental protection established the environmental monitoring division, strengthen environmental monitoring and management, environmental monitoring true in the environmental management of the country's status, the establishment of the monitoring division has the significance of the milestone, will promote the environmental monitoring and management innovation to make years of environmental monitoring people dream into a reality.

(a) the full completion of the environmental quality monitoring in 2008.

environmental protection departments at all levels continue to increase the intensity of the work of environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring is increasingly wide coverage, monitoring project more and more, more and more complete monitoring indicators. 90% of the prefecture-level city and some county-level cities to carry out daily monitoring of urban air quality; 425 cities in the acid rain monitoring; 318 major rivers, 28 major lakes and reservoirs monthly carry out monitoring of surface water quality monitoring watershed accounted for 71.9% of the land area, monitoring water accounted for more than 90% of surface water runoff; nearly 300 automatic water quality monitoring stations in the river provincial boundaries and municipal boundaries cross section of national and local building; coastal waters monitoring covering an area of 2.6 million square kilometers; nearly 400 cities in the urban areas, road transport, urban the ribbon noise monitoring; 410 key environmental protection cities centralized drinking water sources to carry out monthly water quality monitoring; across the country to carry out the ecological environment monitoring and evaluation; 20 provinces have completed a soil sample collection and analysis test. the monitoring results show that, in 2008 the national environmental quality becoming better.

on january 12, the ministry of environmental protection made public the environmental quality of china in 2008. last year, the completion of the china environmental monitoring station of environmental quality report 1500 copies in the country for the first time public offering of the 2007 environmental quality report, the local environmental protection department released a large number of environmental monitoring information.

the monitoring results show that, in 2008, the national environmental quality is becoming better, 746 surface water state-controlled sections to ⅲ water quality cross-section ratio of 47.7%, inferior section ratio of 23.1%, showed signs of improvement. state-controlled sections of the national surface water permanganate index annual average concentration of 5.7 mg / l, for the first time to reach the surface water ⅲ standard, down 12.3 percent over 2007, down 20.8 percent compared to 2005, declining trend. the seven major river systems, i ⅲ water quality sections proportion accounted for 55.0%, an increase of 5.1 percentage points compared to 2007, the inferior class section ratio of 20.8%, down 2.8 percentage points compared to 2007. yangtze river water quality is excellent; mild pollution in the yellow river, tributary of serious pollution; songhua river, huaihe river are slightly polluted, moderately polluted liaohe river, taihu severe pollution, chaohu severe pollution. 40% of the 113 major cities, the air quality standards, the key environmental protection cities, air quality days was 90.5%, 1.8 percentage points higher than in 2007.

occurred last year and six large-scale dust storms, wastewater pollution sources of emissions compliance rate was 66%, the the exhaust pollution emission compliance rate was 61%, urban sewage treatment compliance rate was 61%. monitoring data show that the national environmental quality is becoming better. this is a data support, monitoring system has done a lot of work.

(b) the successful completion of the emergency response and early warning and monitoring tasks

environmental protection departments at all levels to seriously develop the environment emergency monitoring plan, strengthen emergency monitoring capacity building, training and drills, ensure that the monitoring system time in a state of readiness, and called for them to able to fight the war can win. environmental emergency monitoring pollution sources excessive emissions event, corporate pollution accidents, traffic accident, natural disaster occurs, have played an important role. especially after the wenchuan earthquake, the national monitoring personnel trinidad relaxation aid the hardest hit, to carry out emergency monitoring of surface water in the disaster area on may 14, the air monitoring data has been reported. sichuan province, composed of 18 emergency monitoring team dispatched to monitor staff of 1325 people, monitoring vehicle 5960 times, a distance of 1.6 million kilometers to carry out emergency monitoring. organized by the city's air quality during the olympic and paralympic games daily submitted to the state council, beijing and co-host of urban air quality is generally good, the good days more than 99%. march last year, the ministry of environmental protection initiated taihu, chaohu the cyanobacteria warning monitoring work, jiangsu province throughout the year issued taihu monitoring data of 42 million, zhejiang province, the preparation of more than 200 algae monitoring letters of chaohu, anhui province carried out every 2 59 days 1 encryption emergency monitoring, preparation of monitoring reports. the environmental protection department of the three gorges reservoir area to overcome various difficulties, early warning and monitoring is carried out of the reservoir area "bloom". the yunnan the yangzonghai arsenic contamination events, emergency monitoring play an important role in preventing the expansion of the event.

(c) to actively carry out the pollution source supervisory monitoring and total emission reduction monitoring

in january 2008 and in may, the ministry of environmental protection has held two national pollution monitoring work conference, and vigorously promote the supervision of the key sources of pollution monitoring. around environmental protection departments to strengthen the construction and management of the key sources of pollution-line monitoring system, online monitoring equipment is not installed, increased monitoring frequency. regulatory approach to develop the province's key enterprises in shandong province, to promote the comprehensive utilization of pollution-line monitoring and supervision of the monitoring data. monitoring station of the nine provinces and 80 state-controlled key pollution sources to carry out the inter-provincial the supervision work.

environmental protection departments at all levels also increase the construction project completion acceptance of environmental protection and management and to continue to strengthen the acceptance of monitoring the quality of management and technical training, the acceptance of monitoring and continuously improve the quality and quantity. monitoring station is nearly 200 complete acceptance of the project, a sample of some provinces and cities acceptance monitoring, organized nine training courses, training 1300 acceptance monitoring.

(d) actively promote the simultaneous monitoring of the river valleys and regions

last year, i organized by the ministry of heilongjiang province, inner mongolia autonomous region to carry out the three sino-russian joint monitoring with russia to exchange laws and regulations, technical standards, and joint monitoring results, to carry out technical exchanges. transboundary water quality monitoring work group's performance and the results achieved by the sub-committee spoke highly of sino-russian cooperation in environmental protection, is the fastest progress in sino-russian environmental cooperation in the field of.

select 16 air quality monitoring stations in nine cities in the pearl river delta in guangdong province, the establishment of the hong kong and guangdong pearl river delta atmospheric regional monitoring system, in addition to monitoring of conventional indicators, increased ozone and other indicators, regional pm2.5 monitoring stations also carried guangdong-hong kong daily simultaneous release of the regional air quality index. the successful experience of the pearl river delta, provides a good reference for us in the future to carry out real-time monitoring of the regional air quality and network quality control.

(e) to enhance the environmental monitoring capacity

countries in environmental emergency monitoring capacity, sources of pollution monitoring and abatement of special funds last year to increase investment, nearly a billion subsidies for local funds to strengthen the capacity of national and local environmental monitoring.

the provincial environmental protection department also continue to strengthen the monitoring capacity-building, multi-channel financing. inner mongolia autonomous region to invest 152 million yuan to strengthen the capacity building of grass-roots monitoring stations, a new 4,000 square meters of environmental monitoring laboratory building. shanxi province invested 97.46 million yuan, the emphasis on acid deposition, the sandstorms and emergency monitoring capabilities. qinghai province to invest more than 3800 million to improve the province's environmental quality monitoring network. sichuan province has been greatly improved by increasing input monitoring capabilities. jiangsu province invested 114 million yuan for ecological compensation station and at the junction of the taihu lake basin section of water station construction. chongqing will be the building of grass-roots monitoring stations included in the objective examination of the environmental protection system, and the county party and government leaders environmental performance assessment content.

strengthening environmental monitoring quality management and staff training

the environmental protection departments at all levels to adhere to quality as the lifeline of the environmental monitoring, strict implementation of the quality management system, strengthen the assessment and monitoring equipment metrological certification certificates, quality management has made considerable progress. guangdong has developed a quality management techniques with independent intellectual property rights, and greatly reduce the labor intensity and human error, the network of automatic monitoring stations air quality management, online. tibet autonomous region to overcome difficulties through a laboratory measurement certification review, monitoring project 113 7 categories. shenzhen stations to participate in the asia-pacific laboratory accreditation cooperation monitoring proficiency testing activities, the analysis projects all qualified.

in 2008, the environmental protection ministry of the three prefecture-level monitoring webmaster training courses, 34 environmental monitoring and technical training courses, training a total of 3630 people. the provincial environmental protection department is also constantly increased training efforts, and actively organize environmental monitoring skills competition. of to and the as monitoring environmental monitoring environmental enthusiasm achievements? new create skills, acquire knowledge, learn workers cadres system inspired competition, skills province jiangsu ?first organized theme, elegance? display jiangsu, environment protect>jiangsu province in order to "protect the environment of jiangsu, display monitoring elegance" as the theme, organized a "first jiangsu province environmental monitoring skills competition, inspired environmental monitoring system cadres and workers to learn new knowledge, acquire new skills, create new achievements" enthusiasm .

(vii) continue to strengthen the of morals construction and building a clean government

the system of national environmental protection efforts to study and practice the scientific concept of development, pay close attention to honest government, and the emergence of a large number of advanced units and individuals. liaoning province organized the province's monitoring system for the variety show, the summary of the work commendation and arts festival into one to improve the vitality and promote harmony. winning.>hunan province the stations wang sheng was webmaster the fourth provincial ten outstanding young persons "winning.the nanjing stations china women's federation awarded the honorary title of "national women red flag collective".

in 2008, the national environmental monitoring of cadres and workers the bull by the horns, proactive, and energetic, selfless dedication, monitoring has made gratifying achievements. in the task in front of you the courage to act in the face of difficulties, you rose to the challenge, and here i express my sincere thanks to you!

at present, the overall environmental situation is grim, the overall environmental quality is not high, an improvement in some areas, increased pollution of the local area, individual indicators of pollution mitigate the continuous generation of new pollution. to clear environmental quality, said the clear source of pollution emissions and the clear environmental risks, environmental monitoring tasks very difficult. environmental monitoring of the coverage needs to be expanded, rural environmental monitoring work yet to carry out scientific reflect national environmental quality monitoring network to be perfected. monitoring of pollution sources are still some problems, automatic monitoring equipment is not good to play a role, the role of the supervisory monitoring single, emissions monitoring tools are limited, there is no monitoring in strict accordance with the nsps. field of environmental monitoring as well as blank, the monitoring of the project is not yet complete, solid waste, haze, greenhouse gas, and agricultural non-point source pollution is not yet a mature monitoring technology, monitoring has been carried out there is the problem of incomplete monitoring project in the field. emergency monitoring, early warning and monitoring means is not the method of evaluation of the environmental risks need for automatic monitoring instruments, the development and use of portable monitoring instrumentation, lack of scientific guidance, monitoring instruments, standard samples, quality management need to standardize.

at the same time, we should also recognize that, compared with the requirements of the environmental protection work in the new period, environmental monitoring, there is a great gap. special laws and regulations in the environmental monitoring and management, monitoring infrastructure capacity building is also part of the primary stage, the lack of monitoring to ensure funding for long-term mechanism of environmental monitoring data from the comprehensive, accurate, there are still gaps, lack of existing monitoring and research capacity, monitoring of new methods and the application of new technology is not enough and so on, these issues seriously restricting environmental monitoring.

second, the 2009 environmental monitoring work arrangements

2009, we want to thoroughly implement and practice the scientific concept of development, and actively explore the path of environmental protection, the full implementation of the environmental monitoring and management responsibilities to promote environmental monitoring to a new level. the general requirements of the environmental monitoring work: deepen the monitoring of environmental quality, objective and timely reflect environmental quality; regulate pollution sources monitoring, to provide support for the reduction of total; strengthen the supervision and monitoring of the effectiveness of inspection and protection of the environment; strengthen emergency response and early warning and monitoring, timely response to events and environmental risks of environmental pollution; strengthen environmental monitoring and quality management, and monitoring data to enhance the scientific and normative. the general idea of the environmental monitoring and management: around a building: a state-of-the-art environmental monitoring and early warning system; highlight two key points: environmental monitoring, information dissemination; achieve three clear where we stand: environmental quality, pollutant emissions, environmental risks; complete four tasks: to provide a basis for environmental management, providing evidence for environmental law enforcement, to provide services for the masses of the people, to provide data for environmental studies; work on five aspects: the construction of monitoring regulations, monitoring plan plan, monitoring capacity building, monitoring data quality monitoring team building. from the beginning of this year, to improve the quality of environmental monitoring data as the core, with 2-3 years time, and comprehensively improve the environmental monitoring data accuracy, reliability, effectiveness.

2009 national environmental monitoring mission has been issued over the environmental protection departments should carefully developed to implement programs to ensure the completion of the national environmental monitoring tasks. as well as to develop the region's environmental monitoring work plan, carefully organized and implemented, give full play to the role of the monitoring data, and to promote the development of environmental science.

(a) around the quality of the environment, and to carry out environmental monitoring

the quality of the environment, is a ruler to measure the effectiveness of environmental protection work, and to improve the quality of the environment is the fundamental purpose of the environmental protection work. environmental protection departments at all levels must attach great importance to the work of environmental quality monitoring to determine the scope, type and indicators of environmental quality monitoring, objective evaluation of the environmental quality of the local situation.

1, all the city to carry out air quality monitoring, city level and above to be carried out daily air quality. to strengthen the monitoring of acid rain and sandstorms, to do the heavy rains, and measured, sand will be measured. areas where conditions permit should actively explore to expand the monitoring indicators of environmental quality, and to carry out monitoring for nitrogen oxides, pm2.5, organic pollutants (vocs). guangdong province to deepen regional linkage monitoring, strengthen quality control work. shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, to strengthen cooperation, explore new ways of air pollution in the yangtze river delta and linkage haze monitoring. beijing, tianjin, hebei, to strengthen the cooperation of environmental monitoring, regional air pollution monitoring pilot work, the promotion of regional pollution joint prevention and control. beijing, tianjin, shanghai, chongqing, guangdong, qingdao, shenyang ozone monitoring should continue to deepen, the conditions are ripe, the provinces and cities should actively carry out ozone monitoring. fujian, yunnan and other provinces to continue to carry out the greenhouse gas monitoring pilot.

to strengthen the quality of surface water monitoring, conditional flow monitoring to be carried out, to give full play to the role of early warning monitoring automatic stations. taihu lake, chaohu lake, dianchi lake, and the three gorges reservoir area environmental protection departments to continue to carry out the monitoring of water bloom, identify problems and timely report. heilongjiang, inner mongolia should continue to do joint monitoring of the sino-russian border river starts borders the river water quality monitoring and other provinces and municipalities according to the actual situation. the key environmental protection cities centralized drinking water sources to carry out water quality monitoring, water quality monitoring carried out once a month, while surface water centralized drinking water sources, water quality analysis.

3, environmental protection departments should make full use of the national environmental satellite remote sensing data to carry out the ecological environmental remote sensing monitoring and evaluation work, the environmental satellite remote sensing data, research, remote sensing monitoring business issues must be promptly provided free of charge, as soon as possible to create a three-dimensional environment monitoring system. soil pollution survey this year ending year, around environmental protection departments should continue to support the monitoring of soil survey, and the slow progress in the province to intensify, from start to finish to complete the task.

(b) around the pollution reduction, strengthening the sources of pollution supervisory monitoring

monitoring of pollution sources is a fundamental task of environmental monitoring, no sources of pollution monitoring data, environmental management can not be targeted to work. sources of pollution monitoring is not unified monitoring method is controversial, combined with the large volume of tasks, monitoring funds, some places do not attach importance to the monitoring of pollution sources, even relaxed supervision and monitoring of enterprises that discharge pollutants. central financial arrangements each year nearly 400 million yuan of funds, grant funding for pollution sources monitoring of key state enterprises, directly by the ministry of finance allocated to the municipal environmental monitoring stations around the environmental protection department to fight for local financial enterprise pollution sources monitoring subsidies for local monitoring, make sure that the sources of pollution monitoring work smoothly.

1, the state council, key enterprises of the state-controlled automatic monitoring equipment installed pollution sources by the end of last year, and currently more than 70% of the state-controlled enterprises to install automatic monitoring equipment. environmental protection departments at all levels should be automatic monitoring equipment installed on enterprise acceptance as an important work of environmental monitoring administration good grasp, do not meet the the installation specification requirements, you must reinstall; need to replace the equipment, must be promptly replaced; this year around and strive for acceptance automatic monitoring equipment has been installed on 50% of the key enterprises of the state-controlled.

monitoring approach. auditing validation data automatic enterprises state key control>to actively explore the effectiveness of pollution sources automatically monitor data audit approach, the environmental protection department will develop a "control key state enterprises automatic monitoring data validation auditing approach. the environmental protection departments to seriously implement to ensure the accuracy of the automatic monitoring data. the audit of the effectiveness of automatic monitoring data, monitoring departments should conscientiously implement the technical specifications, conscientiously sum than monitoring, and gradually improve the supervision and examination system for automatic monitoring equipment. department of environmental protection will be held in shandong pollution-line monitoring capability building site meetings, summarize the automatic promotion pollution sources monitoring the implementation of management and the use of advanced experience.

major of monitoring approach. reduction emission pollutants amount total>not install automatic monitoring facilities continue to carry out the sources of pollution supervisory monitoring the implementation of the state council approved the "total amount of major pollutants emission reduction monitoring approach. monitoring station to 20 state-controlled focus wastewater pollution sources, 20 state-controlled focus exhaust pollution sources, 20 power plants, sewage treatment plants in 20 towns implement monitoring quality sampling tests and checks around the environmental protection department to give strong support.

(c) based on environmental safety, do a good job of emergency monitoring

emergency monitoring is a critical time to show an important aspect of environmental emergency monitoring capacity is directly related to the timely processing of emergencies, environmental protection departments at all levels to enhance the awareness of emergency monitoring, to strengthen the organization and leadership, and to develop targeted emergency monitoring plans. pollution accident occurs, it must be the first time to the scene, immediately carry out emergency monitoring.

the emergency monitoring instruments and safety equipment should continue to improve, expand the special emergency monitoring capabilities to ensure timely and efficient emergency monitoring. a timely manner to carry out the basin, regional emergency monitoring exercises to strengthen the training of emergency monitoring to ensure that the monitoring system is always in a state of emergency. linkage mechanism of the establishment of environmental monitoring and early warning, to build emergency decision support system, enrich the environmental emergency experts library, and enhance environmental incidents early warning capability. around the automatic monitoring and routine monitoring data anomalies, in a timely manner to carry out the early warning and monitoring, strengthen environmental emergencies impact on the quality of the local environment.

(4) around the rural environmental protection, rural environment monitoring

environmental monitoring in rural areas is the most promising new areas, we should vigorously promote the rural environment monitoring. the environmental protection departments at all levels to plan ahead, to strengthen routine monitoring of environmental quality in rural areas of capacity-building, and to find out the real situation, where conditions permit to carry out monitoring pilot. environment investigation.? quality five-rural 12th>department of environmental protection will organize the preparation of rural environmental quality monitoring program, start the "12th five-rural environment quality investigation.

of to on the monitoring environmental for environmental quality report quality villages governance promoting ?award preparation areas, rural in out carry work remediation focus with combined be department protection provincial funding central inclusion (township) village governance? award>"award for promoting governance" in the village (township) the inclusion of central funding for environmental protection in rural areas, the provincial environmental protection department to be combined with a focus on remediation work to carry out the monitoring of environmental quality in rural areas, the preparation of the "award for promoting governance villages environmental quality report . for the obvious contradiction between the masses strongly villages to address outstanding environmental issues, to carry out the work of special environmental monitoring.

(e) regularly publish information, to protect the environment of the people the right to know

establish and implement a system of environmental quality bulletin, unified release a comprehensive report of the national environmental quality and significant environmental information, which is given to the environmental protection department of the state council duties. environmental protection departments at all levels should be full disclosure of the environmental quality of the information, to ensure that the environment of the people right to know. department of environmental protection will be announced in january last year, the national environmental quality. encountered significant environmental events, monitoring information will also be published from time to time. the local environmental protection departments should actively explore the timely release of information on the mechanisms of environmental quality and environmental monitoring. to strengthen the comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the monitoring data, environmental quality monitoring data to test the effectiveness of the environmental protection work, comprehensive approach to improve environmental monitoring their ability to support the economic and social development.

(f) to improve grass-roots capacity, advancing the state-of-the-art environmental monitoring and early warning system

this year, one of the priorities of the ministry of environmental protection is monitoring capacity building, local environmental departments should seize the opportunity to ride on the momentum, and vigorously strengthen the quality of the environment and emergency monitoring capacity building.

this year, the state will increase cross-border river water quality automatic stations, water quality analysis capabilities and business houses building efforts. the environmental protection departments at all levels should conscientiously organization to submit a project, the project has been arranged for the central funds, to improve work efficiency, and accelerate the construction progress. strive built above the prefectural level in three years, urban air quality automatic monitoring network, the basic completion of key river basins of major rivers such as the state-controlled and provincial boundaries automatic water quality monitoring network, gradually building sandstorms, acid deposition, coastal waters, such as the national environmental monitoring network. department of environmental protection will work with the relevant departments, to optimize the adjustment in key river valleys and in key areas of national environmental quality monitoring network, select a key river basins, new ways to explore the watershed and water quality monitoring. the localities should actively cooperate with the study, for the local characteristics of the environmental monitoring network and run management mechanism.

(7) specification of monitoring data, start quality management three-year action plan

environmental monitoring data quality management, to start a three-year action plan for environmental monitoring quality management, environmental protection departments at all levels should be carefully organized and implemented. organizations to develop environmental the stations quality management provisions, start the environmental monitoring of the quality of the system. to actively promote environmental monitoring quality control center building to strengthen the research and development of environmental standard samples. countries will be part of the province, the municipal environmental protection bureau to monitor the quality of the management, supervision and inspection, and gradually formed the internal self-monitoring by the monitoring system, the higher the competent authorities check monitoring quality management mechanisms.

this year, the ministry of environmental protection will be held three prefecture-level monitoring webmaster training courses, three went to the italian training courses and nearly 40 monitoring technology training courses focus on strengthening the pollutant emission reduction monitoring organic pollution monitoring and automatic monitoring facilities and acceptance training.

(viii) strengthen the legal system, to improve the monitoring and management institutions

around environmental protection departments should seize the opportunities for the development of the institutional reform, co-ordinate planning, leaving plenty of room for development for future large-scale development of the cause of environmental monitoring. state council environmental monitoring management ordinance has been classified as ii legislative plan for 2009, and strive to be introduced this year, which is an important step for environmental monitoring and management of administration according to law. environmental protection department will also publish the views on further strengthening the work of environmental monitoring in the new, put forward the idea of the development of the cause of environmental monitoring in the next few years, to promote the new environmental monitoring.

(9) to strengthen style construction, the implementation of the clean and honest administration

experienced three decades of development, china's environmental monitoring business getting into the main battlefield of the environmental protection work, the main trunk, big stage, the hard-won situation, the national environmental protection system to cherish. increasing environmental monitoring capacity-building efforts, monitoring is increasingly important, the monitoring system is no longer blank checks in the past, the increase in the risk of corruption in the hidden dangers of corruption in the show. the environmental protection departments at all levels to be highly vigilant, earnestly implement the responsibility system, strengthen professional ethics education, establish the concept of integrity monitoring, strengthen the party spirit, establish environmental monitoring of clean and honest image of good style and good style. adhere to the institutions to govern power, work, manage people, manage money, to ensure that the majority of the environmental monitoring of cadres and workers want the director-general, the director-general, do nothing, and not an accident, to build an honest, efficient, dynamic and dedication environmental monitoring team.

these years monitoring station paid attention to the the wind construction of an environmental monitoring system, has made some achievements, the establishment of the monitoring division should do a good job of of morals building and anti-corruption work, and strive to achieve greater results.

 development five-year? plan? twelfth>(10) early environmental monitoring plan "twelfth five-year" development plan

twelve five" comprehensively promote the development of the cause of china's environmental monitoring of strategic opportunities, environmental protection departments at all levels to plan early and start the preparation of the "12th five-year" development of environmental monitoring plan. twelve five" comprehensively promote the development of the cause of china's environmental monitoring of strategic opportunities, environmental protection departments at all levels to plan early and start the preparation of the "12th five-year" development of environmental monitoring plan. of to building and the necessary is it monitoring environmental system work integration, urban-rural establish actively monitoring; areas coverage expand further capacity overall raise first, aspects: following highlight five? twelve>"twelve five" environmental monitoring capacity building is necessary to highlight the following aspects: first, it is necessary to raise the overall environmental monitoring capacity to further expand the coverage and areas of environmental monitoring; to actively establish environmental monitoring system of the urban-rural integration, monitoring work to coverage in rural areas, the establishment of rural environmental quality monitoring and evaluation system, synchronized with the unified management of the routine monitoring of the quality of the urban and rural environment; comprehensive deepening of pollution sources the supervisory monitoring capabilities, improve the total pollutant monitoring, to ensure accurately reflect the quality of the environment pollution emission reduction effectiveness; national environmental monitoring network to further improve the operation and management mechanism, and gradually formed a multi-sectoral division of work, responsibilities and rights clear operating mechanism; construction environmental monitoring information publishing platform, released environmental monitoring information in accordance with the law.

the department of environmental protection recently issued the drought strengthen environmental protection work during the emergency notification localities to conscientiously implement. minister of health yin just do particular emphasis on hope comrades attaches great importance to environmental monitoring departments should play an active role in the drought, and strengthen the work on the drought water quality monitoring, and non-use does not comply with the irrigation water quality standards of water irrigated farmland, resulting in soil contamination and crops affected.

comrades, we are currently faced with the excellent situation, hard to come by, we must cherish. also hard to come by, we face the opportunities for development must be to seize. we need to deal with the serious challenges can not be optimistic, must be an effective response. we need to complete the arduous task, we must work hard. we want to continue to blaze new trails, take concrete actions to practice the scientific concept of development, and strive to realize the cause of china's environmental monitoring across large development!

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