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hebei welcome pharmaceutical co., ltd. under north china pharmaceutical

the sewage treatment plant of shijiazhuang north china welcome pharmaceutical co., ltd. applies contact oxidation method as major biological process. with the extension of corporation and gradually more strict discharge requirements, the sewage plant updates and reconstructs the original process. refer to diagram 1 and 2 for detailed reconstruction plan. reconstruction goal will be reached after finishing the project.

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  welcome pharmaceutical wastewater

  water q=6000m3/d
  mbbr tank volume:3000 m3           hydraulic retention time:12h
  biologically active filler:1200 m3      vote ratio:40%
  influentcod=2500mg/l                       effluentcod=500 mg/l
  cod removal efficiency:80%                     (measured 80.7%)
  cod volume loading:4kg/ m3.d                 (measured 4179 g/ m3.d)
  influent ammonia nitrogen:200 mg/l          effluent ammonia nitrogen:40 mg/l 
  removal efficiency of ammonia nitrogen:80%                (measured 82.4%)
  volume loading of ammonia nitrogen:0.32kg/ m3.d      (measured 373g/ m3.d)

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