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一.what is the company's installation and commissioning process ?
1.after the effective date of the contract, the technical department contract, drawingsand related customer data is copied to the service department;
2. service department in charge of specific contract requirements,and after the communication with the client, develop service implementation plan, cost accounting, make technical manager for approval after the implementation of.
3. after sale service according to the service implementation plan, jointly with the relevant departments to plan and implement the division of labor.
4. when the service after the completion of the work, technical department for the implementation of results, to determine whether meet the requirements as specified in the contract.validation according to customer acceptance of on the spot after the receipt stamped signature, namely, fill out the "installation acceptance of single", in order to measure service quality and content.
5. was appointed technical staff back to the company, timely "repair" or "customer return single" turn to technology department.if the quality problem, technical department and fill out a "corrective / preventive action report" to the responsible department.responsibility department according to the "corrective / preventive action report" to take corrective measures.
6. "installation and acceptance of the completed form", "installation completed work list" customer signature confirmation, back to the company.

二.how to deal with receipt of customer complaints telephone?
1. when the customer complaint is not quality problem, to guide customers to resolve itself, until the customer satisfied; if it is to repair the phone, first telephone guidance, if the telephone communication can not be resolved, in 2 working days to notify the customer the exact repair plan according to the plan, and rushed to the scene in time processing.
2. when customer complaints are quality problems, customers reflect fill customer complaint record form after cross-technology manager, technical department todetermine processing program complete treatment advice in customer complaints on the record sheet, implemented by general manager signedand a copy of this table tothe service personnel to be delegated.
3. service personnel to be delegated to the site services, to conduct the investigationbased on information on customer complaint record form, the time of the survey, youmust be careful to understand the causes of product quality problems. given repair orreturned; case customers are the company's product quality problems caused by improper use, providing customers with paid services.
4. should fill in the service after maintenance single "or" customer visits single ", signed and sealed by the customer on the spot, in order to measure the content and quality ofservices.
5. be delegated back to the company, timely repair bill "or" customer visits singlehanded technology department. the case of the company's product quality problems,the technical department complete the corrective / preventive action report "to theresponsible departments. responsible departments to take corrective measures."corrective / preventive actions report
6. if customer complaints content is not in the scope of services of the contract, you should try to telephone guidance to solve the problem, if telephone communicationcan not be resolved, you should understand the situation after customers paid service,customer recognition and the signing of the contract or agreementafter services to the site in accordance with the regulations.

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